The Blossom Trail

Road Trip from Kashmir to Ladakh during the Apricot Blossom



Grade 1


6 days


April 22 - 27, 2022


Srinagar & Leh

The beginning of Apricot Blossom signals the end of cold chilly winter weather in the cold desert of the trans Himalayan region. Drass and Kargil are some of the popular apricot growth areas. This trip takes place during the annual Apricot Bloom. The 418km distance between Srinagar to Leh is the Grand Himalayan Traverse can be categorised as one of the most epic and historic road trips in India.


Highlight #1

Apricot Blossom

Experience thousands of
Apricot tress in blossom

The Blossom Trail - Gallery

Blossom trail 1

Arrival at Sonmarg and to appreciate the outdoors participate in a short trek

Blossom trail 2

On Day 2, visit the historic Zoji La 3528m located at Drass and offers access from Kashmir to Ladakh

blossom trail 3

The Mushkow valley offer’s the opportunity to sight a Brown Bear in the wild.

blossom trail 4

Drass War Memorial was built by the Indian Army commemorating the 1999 Kargil War between India and Pakistan.

blossom trail 5

During the second half of April Apricot trees across the Kargil region are in bloom.

blossom trail 6

Participate in a trek along thousands of Apricot trees around Kargil

blossom trail 7

Located on the outskirts of Kargil the Hunderman Village was a part of Pakistan till 1971. The village houses the Museum of Memories.

blossom trail 8

Garkone Village - Aryan Valley Witness a cultural performance by the Brokpa Tribe

Brokpa men
Blossom trail 10

Ulley is located on the outskirts of Leh along the Indus and offers opportunity for a wilderness experience

blossom trail 11

After an epic traverse spend time in Leh before heading home.

blossom trail 12
blossom trail 13