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Choose the location, Juniper organises trips right across the Himalaya.


Custom Made Itineraries

Custom made itineraries offer participants immense amount of freedom to set up your adventure based on the location where you would like to go, the dates you want to go, the type of transport you would like to use and the hotel where you would like to stay. The Juniper Trip Library is a starting point to gauge the multiple adventure options. In addition if you have missed a trip on the annual calendar here is a change to get the adventure planned for your group. Once we have the understanding on what you are looking for the Juniper team will closely with you to design a fully customised itinerary.


Create a UNIQUE

Family Adventure

The Family Adventure format allow’s parents to accompany their children along with cousins and friends on a short trek in the Himalaya.


Juniper Family Adventures are short and easy paced trek’s designed to allow families to enjoy the outdoor’s while spending quality time together. The key objective of the trek is build in children a fondness and appreciation for the outdoors.


The Juniper team also provides options to infuse ponies which younger children can use when required. Also Juniper trip leaders are proficient in setting up various camp activities which are a combination of fun and skill building.



‘Spirit of Adventure’ in the team

Trekking is the ultimate tool to get any team functioning is todays virtual world to bond and get to know each other well.


Additionally as the trek progresses challenges develop creating a most interesting platform for learning and introspection. When the team finally gains success on summit day it all adds up to tremendous confidence building leading to all round motivation and team empowerment.


Juniper has created a group of short treks which operate in a safe and comfortable environment and will work with the HR team to design a corporate adventure four your needs.


Your passport to

Luxury adventure

How about heading to Everest and Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal and stay in superior lodges along the trail supported by enhanced catering services. Top all this by using a helicopter to fly back and save time and your knees on the descent.


Get guided by top tier trip leaders creating an unforgettable experience. In the Indian and Bhutan Himalaya experience trekking like never before with enhanced camping service topped by gourmet meals.


Through the Luxe Trail format the Juniper team will customise your adventure in multiple ways starting with the adventure its self and adding on multiple services creating the framework for a luxury adventure.

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