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"Dayara Bugyal is a great trek for an introduction to trekking. It offers several elements with include a forest walk, meadow stretches, a braod trail with a gentle incline leading up the the massive Dayara Bugyal. The view from Dayara Bugyal (3300m) is indeed memorable.

You get a feeling that you are indeed face to face with the Banderpunch massif. In the distance towards the east a string of peaks are visible including Srikanta, the Gangotri Group, Jaonli and Draropti ka Danda. Walking around the meadow, which spreads out for a couple of kilometers, is also an experience. The best viewing point on the meadow is Dayara Top (3500m), which is the highest point on the meadow."


Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand


April 2006


Trip Grading



3 days

Best Period

March, April, May, June, September, October and November


Continue on to Dodi Tal


1.    Stunning approach to Daraya through forest and meadow stretches
2.    Close view of Banderpunch
3.    Dayara resembles a huge green oasis
4.    Broad views of various Gangotri Peaks.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Gallery

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Uttarkashi offers a comfortable fixed camps for treks to Dayara Bugyal

A (5)

Trek to Dayara Starts out from Barsu an hour's drive from Uttarkashi

A (9)

The trail soon progresses through large meadow stretches leading to Barnala

A (21)

After setting up camp at Dayara time to explore the meadow

A (24)

Dayara Bugyal spreads out over a huge area

A (25)

As one gains height view of Bardarpunch become impressive

A (30)

In the distance Dayara top 3600m the highest point in the meadow

A (39)

Views towards the east looking into the Gangotri Peaks

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On Dayara Top

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