Advent of Multi Adventure Trips

When the Juniper team started to look at adventure opportunities in Mehgalaya it opened up the opportunity to change the format from a predominately single adventure trips to a multi adventure trip format. Here is a quick look at the multi adventure options in Mehgalaya:

Trekking : The Double Decker Living Root Bridge is a 5 to 6 hour trek as it involves a steep descent to the valley floor where the bridge has been made.

Canyoning : This is what the base of a canyon looks like. Huge rocks and in between some sections with fair amount of water. The challenge is to safely navigate about 3 to 4 km's of the canyon. Its great fun and can only be managed with trained instructors as the rocks are super slippery.

Caving : Mehgalaya is one of the most popular caving destination. You need to wear a caving suit and then head deep into a cave, going in as far as 4km's. There are fair amounts of shafts, deep drops and water sections which create the challenge. The inside is that one sees formations which seem we have travelled into another world.

Kayaking : Mehgalaya is know water lakes and rivers with super clear water where the bottom of the water body is visible. It's a pleasure to kayak in such an environment.

The Juniper team is always on the look out for multi adventure trips which offer a different experience as compared to a single adventure format.

Maninder Kohli


Juniper Outdoor

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