Gorgeous Gorges

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Padmaja Alaganandan visited the Nanda Devi East Base Camp with Juniper in October 2016. In this article, the long-standing trekker Padmaja shares her experience about one of the most dramatic features on the trek - the gorge type which appears on the route.

The spectacular gorge on route to Rialkot in the Milam Valley

The gorges began during our trek soon, as we were approaching Bogudiyar. It had been a long walk that day, and a hot and sweaty one! A little after lunch we passed a waterfall where all the posers got into action and soon thereafter we entered the majestic gorge territory.

We really got the full beauty and awe of it only the following morning, when we left Bogudiyar for Rialkot. From our campsite the path went downhill, alongside the river, and then the glorious walk along the gorge began. The mountain towered up on our left, and the river flowed strong on the right. Our path seemed to have been carved into the mountainside and I remember walking along completely wrapped up in the beauty of the view.

A little way down the path was a small temple of one of the mountain gods. What better place than this to appreciate the divine powers of the maker? Later we veered off and had a chai break, but sure enough our path brought us back to the route alongside the gorge and a beautiful waterfall ending in a lovely pool.

Our day ended up being much longer than expected. By the time we reached the campsite by the ITBP post, the light was already beginning to dim. In the dinner tent and later closing my eyes, I could relive the walk along the gorge. Timeless, immemorial and enduring -- what all they must have witnessed and what tales they could tell.

The Goriganga river passing through the narrow gorge feature

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