Juniper Junior

A great was to introduce a child to the wonderful outdoors is through a trek where parents and children trek together. At Juniper this kind of trek is referred as a Juniper Junior Format. Over the years Juniper has organised several Juniper Junior trips.

Trip Objective : The Juniper Juniper format allows lots of quality time between parents and children. The key objective of the Juniper Juniper Trip is to build a fondness for the outdoors amongst children.

Key Building Blocks for a Juniper Juniper Trip

Safe Trails : An easy paced trek with is not demanding works best for the Juniper Junior format. Additionally its critical that the trails are safe which means wide and well organised.

Friends on the Trail : Its imperative for a Juniper Junior that several children are together on a trip. This greatly enhances the experience for all the children both in terms of company and fevering of each others energy to meet the objective of the trek.

Meeting the Challenge : It's a great feel to summit a peak. Its add's on to the confidence of each child and makes them realise how achieved their objective by pushing hard and in doing so they expended their comfort zone. This realisation can be a positive stimulant for variety of other challenges which out children are expected to face.

Juniper organised Juniper Junior Trips in multiple areas and children from an age group of 8 and above can participate in these trips.

Maninder Kohli


Juniper Outdoor

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