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Updated: May 15

Trekking has remained as one of the most popular pursuits for adventure lovers. In its most traditional format trekkers would carry all gear with them and tent out at a campsite. As some trails became more popular concept of mountain lodges have come up in Nepal. In India and Bhutan the traditional format of tenting up continues to be practises. Juniper refers to this trip format as the Expedition Series.

Multiple formats offers flexibility to make participants with varying challenge level comfortable on an adventure trip. The Fire & Ice Series is inspired by the fact that in the evening you are at a comfortable mountain home next to a fire and during the day you are in the ice participating in an adventure. The Fire & Ice Series offers the following advantages :

In recent years mountain roads have started to come up right across the Himalaya causing a stoppage of trekking in some areas. Some of these locations where roads have come offer some must see locations. Traversia is a new offering by Juniper. Its a road trip with a difference. Multiple excursions are planned all along the daily drive to ensure the experience which we would have enjoyed as trekkers is not diluted. The following are the key highlights of Traversia :

Junper which is now in its second decade of operation has over the years organised adventure trips for various segments. This process of segment specialisation allows a virtual curation of a trip for a particular audience. The following are some of the Special Events which are organised by Juniper :

The annual Juniper calendar offers trips across multiple formats. If you don't find a trip on the calendar which you are looking out for the Juniper team will be pleased to set up a private trip for yourself and your group.

Maninder Kohli


Juniper Outdoor

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