Super Seniors on the Trail

For an organisation like Juniper which creates outdoor experiences nothing comes close in terms of satisfaction than managing a group of seniors on an adventure trip. Over the years Juniper had handled several Super Senior Trips and each time around the seniors have exceeded our expectations. Here are some images from a recent Super Senior Trip :

A group of 14 consisting of siblings and spouses assemmbled for their first adventure trip. The age group of the 14 participants was between 65 to 75 years.

Day 1 : The group did a 2 hour light walk on a gentle trail through a forest.

Day 1 : Juniper guides were available to guide a helping hand or a word of encouragement where even needed.

Day 2 : Was set aside for trout fishing followed by a picnic lunch on the side of a river.

Day 3 : The finale day was set aside for climbing a peak in the neighbourhood involving a climb of 500m or over 1800 feet. Of the 14 members in the family 10 attempted the peak and 5 were able to summit.

This is an example of soft adventure which is safe and where participants are encouraged to push to a level where they are comfortable. What everyone in the group enjoyed was spending time in nature and building up their fitness level as well.

Maninder Kohli


Juniper Outdoor

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