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For 15 years Juniper has been at the forefront of planning and leading treks,

climbs and multi adventures across the Himalaya.


 Juniper's unique Trip Formats assist in structureing trips of varying challenge levels.

If you love the mountains and want to climb higher, trek further or want to

just make a start, then join us.


Juniper’s Unique Trip Formats

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Expedition Series
High on Adventure  - High on Challenge 

                        Challenge Grading  -   Moderate to Difficult

Fire & Ice Series
 High on Adventure - High on Comfort Housing 

Challenge Grading  -  Moderate

Our Upcoming Trips  - 2024


The Big Chill - Leh Ladakh

15 - 19 January
Fire & Ice Series | Grade 3

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Skiing 101 - Gulmarg

29 February - 03 March
Fire & Ice Series | Grade 2


Dhauladhar Trail - Dharamshala

14 - 17 March
Fire & Ice Series | Grade 2


Shadow of Kanchenjunga - Biksthang

18 - 21 April

Fire & Ice Series | Grade 2

Mapping out the Himalaya Trip by Trip

Juniper has over a decade of experience in organising adventure trips across the
Himalayas. Select trips from various Himalayan destinations lead by Juniper from
2005 with images and narration from the original explorations.

Create your own Adventure

Custom made itineraries give you complete freedom to choose what you want to
see, where you want to go and when you want to do it. Juniper will put its expertise
to the test and set up an adventure you will remember forever.

The Legacy of Juniper

      Maninder Kohli the Founder of Juniper comes from the first family in adventure in India.       He was introduced to the outdoors by his father, Captain M.S. Kohli who led India’s first ascent of Mt. Everest in 1965. Maninder has over the years  participated in over 75 treks across the Himalaya and has personally lead several exploratory treks in remote regions.

Adopting Adventure

For many the first adventure is triggered through their bucket list. Juniper’s goal is to look at the outdoors as a way of life.

Adopting adventure means fitness, building the gear list, reading about the area and drawing inspiration from fellow travellers.


The Juniper Blog Section is set up to inform, inspire and encourage participants to build 'The Spirit of Adventure'.

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