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Skiing 101

Introduction to Skiing - Gulmarg


Grade 3


17 - 21 February 2021


4 nights in a hotel



Skiing 101: an introduction to skiing, Juniper will provide a skiing classroom at 2650m. The trip will incorporate classes with
experienced ski instructors, support of remarkable porters, and picturesque views directly from your bedroom.
The trip offers an ideal playground for adventure enthusiasts to expand their skills and for ski aficionados to play.
All proficiency levels are welcome.


Highlight #1

Learn a New Skill

Opportunity to learn skiing from professional instructors.

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Gulmarg (meadow of flowers) is a unique refuge that in unparalleled in India specially in winter. Gulmarg is famous among skiers all around the world. Its special consistency of snow, perfect for skiing and winter sports, makes Gulmarg an attraction for skiers and snowboarders.


In winter the Gulmarg golf course doubles up as an area to learn the basic skills of the sport. Instructors and porters are on hand to guide you on the skills associated with navigating safely on snow and ice.


The gondola is a state of the art cable car that can hold upto four individuals and their equipment. The cable car climbs to three different levels of elevation (phase 1, 2, 3), from where participants can ski down. This somewhat daunting task is immensely fun and is certainly the highlight of the trip.


As you improve your skiing skills you can graduate to phase 1 of the gondola. Phase 1 is at a height of 3080m and the descent down to the Gulmarg bowl 2650m takes about 17 minutes and involves navigating through forest sections.


Participants who want to push their boundaries further, can choose to sign up for a special ‘side trip’. The day hike will begin after a 40 minute gondola ride at phase 2, from where participants will be asked to hike to the top of the Alpharwat Ridge at 4000m to gain a vast view including a look at Nanga Parbat, the world’s 9th highest mountain.


The historic Highland Park Resort is a hidden jewel of the Himalayas. Established in the 1960s, the hotel has hosted various prime ministers, celebrities, royalty and now yourself. With a golf course on one side and ski slopes on the other, the Highland Park hotel is considered to be a unique oasis of the mountains.