Mountain Home - Pabbar Valley

Multiple day walks and climb of the 3500m Kuppar Peak in the Pabbar Valley


Grade 2


3 nights 4 days 


27 - 30  June, 2019



The objective of this trip is to encourage participants to look at adopting an outdoor lifestyle. The Pabbar Valley offers multiple walking trails of varying levels of length and difficulty. A team of expert guides is on hand to share options and lead participants into some stunning and scenic areas. An active holiday coupled with healthy food will offer participants a detox from busy city life.

Highlight #1



The Pabbar Valley is located in Himachal Pradesh and remains

off the tourist map

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Pabbar Valley

The Pabbar Valley is a 6 hours drive from Chandigarh. Pabbar is one of areas in Himachal which is off the map and contains rivers, mid range mountains, fruit-laden orchards cradled by thick forest. It is a paradise for nature lovers who would like to escape the busy areas around Shimla and stay in solitude just with local inhabitants of the area.

Premium Lodge

Cider Lodge located at Jubbal is the home and orchard of Pratima and Deependra Singh (Bhaiyu Singh). Painstakingly built, their home is a labour of love that they created with the help of local workers and craftsman over a period of three years. Merging traditional country style living with modern amenities Cider Lodge carries an undeniable air of charm and comfort which makes it a perfect getaway for friends and family


The Cider Lodge at Jubbal is spread around a large apple orchard adjacent to a forested area. After enjoying an outdoor lunch there is time to do a short walk around the orchard and into the forested area as well. The height of Jubbal is about 2100m or 7000 feet.

Day- 2

A great option for a short trek is Tumru Top. the trip starts out out by taking a short drive of 5km’s to Kharapathar from where we start a trek to Tumru Top. The up and down trip would take about 4 hours and head upto about 3000m starting from 2600m.

Day- 3

The objective on day 3 is to summit Kuppar peak at 3500m and gain a superb view of the area. The climb to the summit can take from 5 to 6 hours and its optional to go as far as the group desires, have a nice lunch and then head back.






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