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Expedition Style Trekking Routine

Carry Only Daypack

Participants are only expected to carry a Daypack which contain essential items needed on the trail. All the balance gear is either carried by porters or loaded on animal back.

Setting up Camps and Tents

After the trek we usually arrive at camp usually between 2-3 pm. The support team will put up the tents, including the kitchen tent and the dining tent and a hot drink and snacks will be served. You have time to relax before dinner. The tents are spacious for two people and waterproof. A sponge foam mattress is also provided but you may want to bring an air mattress for additional warmth and comfort.

Lunch and Dinner on the Trek

Lunch is normally a packed lunch which is made early morning and is served while on the trail. It is recommended to typically have light vegetarian food on a trek which tends to digest well at altitude.Dinner is a 3 course affair with a light soup first, then a main course of vegetables with carbohydrate: potatoes, noodles, rice and dal. Food is vegetarian. Dessert is custard or fresh or tinned fruit, sometimes a cake if we can find a good excuse, followed by a choice of hot chocolate, tea or coffee.


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