Safe Drinking Water

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Water management is an important issue on a trek both in regard to avoiding stomach bugs as well as ensuring proper acclimatization. Juniper recommends going into a trek with 2 bottles with one being a Regular Water Bottle and one being a Lifestraw Bottle with a build in filter.

Juniper recommends use of a one litre hard plastic bottle

Regular Water Bottle : It is recommended to daily to use one packet of mineral supplements per day on a trek as it prevents dehydration. Prior to adding the mineral supplement to the water it is important to ensure that the water is treated. The water can be treated with water purification tablets or by boiling as and the support staff does this activity. As you move above the village level it is not

necessary to treat the water, as chance of contamination of the water is very low.

Key benefit of Lifestraw is to reduce build up of plastic generated from water bottles

Life Straw Bottle: Juniper strongly recommends the use of Lifestraw bottles. These bottles comes in with a built in filter which can treat water on the go without having to wait half an hour as is the practice when we use water purification tablets. The filter runs for 1000 liters, which even for active trekkers would translates to use for 5 years for an active trekker.

Key benefit of Lifestraw is to reduce build up of

plastic generated from water bottles.

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